Stone Femme Shoes Archive.

A Long time ago I started to keep a semi-private diary on a now defunct site called ‘Transfriendly’ the blog titled in a bitterly ironic way ‘Stone Femme Shoes’ contains a lot of material on my creative work with Queer Beograd, my thoughts on Femme and gender, plus other issues of illness/abuse/relationships/queerness. I stopped keeping the blog in 2015, but  I’m going to start retrospectively publishing some of this material online over on my ‘Blood and Circuses’ Blog spot.

There’s YEARS of material so I’ll try to post something on there regularly and then link to it through other sites and social media so people can find it. If you’re interested in the minutae of Queer Beograd collective, the creative process and what ever I was thinking of at the time, then check it out.

This weeks posts are all set in Belgrade, 2008, hanging out with Queer Beograd Collective, working on the cabaret, crazy collective meetings, closeted Eurovision winners, burned embassies and buying T over the counter. Stone Femme Shoes Archive

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‘Walking With Alice’

My short story ‘Walking With Alice’ is published in this months Litro magazine. Big ups to Juliet Jacques as guest editor for the Transgender issue of the magazine – follow the link for stories by CN Lester, myself, Sanam Amin, Raju Rage, Barney Walsh, Mark Brown, Scott Esposito and Juliet.

Read it here

YES! You can buy the book at last!

It’s been a LONG HAUL… the kind of circuitous process that makes me wonder how in the hell people ever manage to get their work out there and to marvel at my own sheer bloody mindedness. Thanks again to everyone who helped along the way.

Last week I finally recieved a few boxes of books from Athens containing the new Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Script Book and had the pleasure of holding the book IN MY HANDS, flicking through it’s pages, admiring the fantastic job Ola Pogorska has done on the illustrations and design. That and having my room fill up with that ‘new book’ smell. Other boxes of books are heading their way to Beograd and Sarajevo to be distributed in the region and a box stayed in Athens to help raise  funds for the local queer space.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book PLEASE DO! Follow the link here for more info and instructions.

Cover copy

The book is £10 (plus £ 2.50 p&p)* postage in the UK only.

(Unfortunately if you are in the E.U. p&p is £5.00) – hoping to get a box of books to Berlin soon.

I’m also going to do something about getting the book into LOCAL BOOK SHOPS where you might be able to go and stare at it before buying it, but that may take me a while.