I have always used creativity as a method of survival, somewhere to channel my anger and to have a voice. Better to fight trying to change this world, than go under because of isolation.

I LOVE to be on stage performing. Most often making work about sexism, homophobia, against capitalism, fascism and this corrupt system that tries to crush people’s spirits. Chances are if I’m feeling pissed off or disempowered, I will write about it, make a performance or stage a demonstration.

Some of my solo performances include: Miss World, Femme-inism 101, capitalist whore fantasy, Femme-packing, GSL roses, How to become a Dominatrix in several short easy steps, shiny silver sequins, Raised by drag queens, Decadent western imperialism and the spoken word sets – I’m not afraid to say forever and Skirmish.

My performance of ‘Femme-inism 101’ (as part of the Gender Queer Playhouse staged at Transfabulous festival) appears in the feature film ‘The Lovers and Fighters Convention’.

I like things to be fun and have a sense of humour, life is tough enough as it is without a little something to cheer us on our way. How we are going to communicate with other people and share our struggle if our approach to politics is boring? If you’re going to do politics, you may as well make it funny, take your clothes off and include as much sex as possible…at least that’s my take on it.

Oh Vienna/ Workshops

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