I am an artist/activist producing politically engaged creative work that combines performance, writing, and film.

Currently my work is focused as a writer, performer, political activist and pervert. I create events, works and collaborations that push for change, re-evaluation and empowerment in our gendered/sexual and cultural lives.

I often work outside of the traditional arts context, in clubs, autonomous spaces, as part of queer or activist gatherings, traveling to work with marginalised groups and promoting information exchange and mutual aid.

Strongly influenced by my involvement with the alter-globalist movement I have developed style of working that captures the fragmented nature of a precarious lifestyle; the practice of moving across borders, whether geographic, cultural, sexual, gendered, visible or invisible.

Over the last 25 years my work has manifested in many different forms and contexts, from fine art exhibitions to organising and participating in street demonstrations. I believe in our right to live freely and the necessity to actively transform our society in order to do so.

I am a founder member of Queer Beograd collective.

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