I am a writer, performer, director and activist producing politically engaged creative work.

I produce events, works and collaborations that push for change, re-evaluation and empowerment.

I often work outside of the traditional arts context, in clubs, autonomous spaces, as part of queer or activist gatherings, traveling to work with marginalised groups and promoting information exchange and mutual aid.

Much of my life I have worked to produce materials and events as a response to situations. Spaces, actions, and documentations that build strength and show resistance. My work has been about finding the most appropriate and effective action or form that fits the capabilities and resources at hand.

More recently I have begun to work in collaboration with archives and museums. Facilitating the access of communities less likely to visit institutional spaces, and to have their voices heard and archived within those places.

Over the last 25 years my work has manifested in many different forms and contexts, from fine art exhibitions to organising and participating in street demonstrations. I believe in our right to live freely and the necessity to actively transform our society in order to do so.

My most recent work is the Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Resilient and Resisting’ an oral history and Collaborative story telling project.

I am a founder member of Queer Beograd collective, Serbia.

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a brief summary of art work, creative projects, collectives and political actions.



In development: oral history/archive collaboration, with Social Historians ‘On the Record’

Workshop Presenter/educator – Berlin, September

April  COME TOGETHER, Finale event, a day long take over at Arcola theatre: workshops, discussions, performance/reading.

February  ‘Fighting for space, love and loss’ in collaboration with Hackney Museum and part of LGBT History month, at Hackney Museum. Readings and museum installation.

Radio AVA collective.

Long listed London Writers Award


Resilient and Resisting, A Heritage Lottery funded project, collecting and writing 16 oral histories and collaborative storytelling. Leading workshops and archive investigations.

September 2018 Leather Archive open day in collaboration with Bishopsgate Institute, at Bishopsgate Institute.

November 2018, ‘Our stories’ in collaboration with Hackney Museum and part of the U.N. ’16 days against violence against women and girls’ at Hackney Museum.

Radio AVA collective.

Teaching a two day Workshop for on activist burn out and political comedy for Activist Comedy Against Bullshit, Vienna.

Short listed:  London Writers Award for narrative non-fiction with ‘Spread The Word’

in development: Resilient a collaborative community project amplifying the voices of those at the intersection of various kinds of marginalisation.

workshop presenter/sex educator: London/Berlin/Paris.

Arcola Queer Collective – performed in a production of ’The X’

London metropolitan archive – speaker at ‘Without Borders’ conference.

Wrote the show ‘Double Domination world tour’ in collaboration with KillPussy/Lise Munro.

Writer/director/researcher with Das Kunst, migrant theatre group – ‘Domestic Extremist’ production at ‘Werk X’. Vienna

Das Kunst- workshops facilitator, teaching writing personal history within a political context. Vienna

Production and distribution of Queer Beograd Collectives script book.

Director: Border Fuckers Cabaret film – Screened at the LLGF, Warsaw LGBT film fest, Sarajevo LGBT support group and Beograd Merlinka Film Fest.

2011- 2004 Queer Beograd Collective – Serbia (Anti fascist queer collective), organisation and logistics for 5 underground festivals, 4 publications, touring exhibitions, numerous street actions.

Writer and director, Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Cabaret, which as well as being a core part of the collectives’ festivals in Serbia also featured at:
*Transfabulous festival of the Arts London
*Subversive messe Festival Linz Austria
*Basso Alternative media Berlin
*Queer Autonomous Space Athens
*Wigstockel Festival Berlin.

Workshop presenter and performer at IMsL Sanfrancisco

2005 – 2011
Wotever crew, touring shows in Europe and performing in London.

‘Speakeasy’ writer director producer – Arcola theatre

Performer in feature film ‘The Lovers and Fighters Convention’ Dir Mike Weld.

2017 – 2004
Solo performances through out Europe: Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Ljubliajana, Stockholm, Malmo, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb, Athens, Vienna.



2004 – 2000
work with Activist organisation Reclaim the Streets, Sydney. Devising creative street protest on a large scale. Logistics and collective organising.

2004 – 2000
Numerous collective efforts on non-borders/alter Globalist demonstrations, direct actions and occupations.
J18, Baxter Detention Centre, Villawood Detention Centre, Central Sydney Immigration reporting Centre.

Several large scale political performance/demonstrations involving community collaboration and street or site specific occupations.

Fine art and film exhibitions within Sydney galleries, and at RCA Sydney.


Completed BVA Hons at Sydney Royal College of Art.

Dunedin/Auckland NZ

Artist Wage project – in collaboration with Creative NZ and WINZ – resulting in an artists wage being instituted in NZ.

1999 – 1990
Super 8 collective
Multi media collective staging political actions, arts events, performances and keeping a community venue open to the public.

1999 – 1988
Fine art photography practice and exhibits, feminist focus.

Exhibitions within major dealer galleries and public galleries.

Homosexual law reform demonstrations, feminist/LGBT movement.

Work held in the Hocken Library archive, Dunedin NZ, Dunedin public art gallery, Eastern Southland Gallery.

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