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Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Cabaret – the trailer

Watch the full film below

Presenting archived footage from the opening night performances of Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Cabaret at the collectives festivals, the film captures the spirit of those evenings.

As a viewer it’s easy to imagine yourself as an audience member, experiencing the joyful and rebellious atmosphere of our underground queer festivals in Beograd. There are also strong reminders that despite the glittering radical politics and wry humour on show, the cabaret takes place in a surround of ever present danger.

just prior to our 2008 festival we were outed by a Serbian daily newspaper as ‘Beograd’s fifth clandestine gay festival’ (despite our request for them not to do so).
Subsequently, after our opening night performance some of our participants were attacked in the street by fascists. We spent much of the remainder of the festival under police escort and being more wary on the streets. This was our last festival.

The film documents some of the cabarets key performances and with it the collectives politics, told as was always the intention of the shows, with humour, sexiness and glamour… Because sometimes the stories are so hard you have to make them sweeter to listen to.

Peace activist soldiers do burlesque, anti-fascist fags fly the rainbow flag, neurotic detention centre guards strip, live nude girls demonstrate their frisking techniques, Serbia’s first lady of drag asks a few questions about capitalism, and all kinds of things get smuggled across the borders.

Activists turned performers from Queer Beograd Collective – Serbia in a film directed by Jet Moon, crossing the borders between nations, cultures, genders and sexualities.

Featuring: Jet Moon, Majda Puača, Saša Pokrajac, Boban Stojanović, Milan Djurić,  Marija Savić and D.Saržinski

Edited and produced by Jet moon.

38minutes, DVD format. English and Serbian language, Serbian with English subtitles.

Queer Beograd

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