Our First Festival

A short documentation of our first ever Queer Beograd festival, held on the outskirts of town, under cover and doing self-defense training everyday! Small beginnings in 2005. Film shot and edited by Jet Moon

From the Queer Beograd Kollective manifesto ‘Queer-0-slavia’ (2005):

‘People have been discriminated against because of who they love. People have been beaten in the street because of who they love.

Because they are women, because of the colour of their skin, because they are queer, because they are different.

We say ‘No!’ we all stand together.

We refuse the categories which are used to divide us and put us against one another.

We gather as people, to say the divisions between us are not so great, we recognise there are many ways that people love one another. We support each other in the right to do this.

We say ‘No more’ to violence, ‘No more’ to fear and hatred. ‘No more’ to the belief that there is only on correct way of life. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, so long as they hurt no-one else.’

(Distributed as a street pamphlet during the ‘No more violence in our streets’ action.)

Queer Beograd

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