Oh Vienna

From  ‘Domestic Extremist’ featuring actor Nikolaus FirmKranz. Photo: Pollygraphy

For some reason I’ve done a few gigs in Austria, mostly Vienna over the years:

I was a guest panel moderator at MUMOK’s event Gender Check in 2005. Visited Innsbruke’s Kunstler Buckhausen in 2011 to talk about Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Cabaret. Back in Vienna Taught a workshop on how to write your life as political theatre for Das Kunst peoples theatre in 2014. Returning to develop a full scale performance piece for them in 2015 as part of the Art/Activist intervention ‘Domestic Extremist’, taking over ‘Work X’ theatre for two days. I also took part in the ‘Festival of Laughter’ in nearby Linz. In 2018 I was commissioned by Activist Comedy Against Bullshit, as part of Weinwoche Festival, to create a two-day workshop on writing and performing political comedy.

Domestic Extremist

‘Which possibilities of participation in larger social contexts exist in different repressive systems? A select audience barricades itself for 2 days in the theatre. Experienced nonviolent activists hold workshops and lectures. Together, an intervention for the state holiday will be prepared and shared with the public via livestream, Facebook and Twitter. The queer activist Jet Moon develops personal political stories into a political theatre text. The makers of the film “Everyday Rebellion” Arash and Arman T. Riahi document the events.’

Queer Beograd/ Performance