The horizontal artist

The horizontal artist: me propped up on pillows typing away while in bed.

Progress is slow, I try to keep in mind that finding funds for Resilient and Resisting took eighteen months. There is LOT of new artistic work in the wings but ZERO money. After R&R finished and I’d done all the report writing, I un/wisely spent the next few months living off of a credit card and finishing a third draft of my book. Now far more slowly than I would like, I’m writing proposals for a number of projects. Austerity x my health means I’m beyond being able to just go out and get a casual work while managing to work this other unpaid job at the same time. I did that for many years!! Now I am working from bed, sometimes laying, sometimes sitting, sometimes propped up, sometimes with company, I’ve even done a rehearsal with three other people crammed on my bed!!

Even if being a horizontal artist is frustrating I can still watch the weather from my window. Hoping to have good news to share about things happening soon!!!


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