On Sunday the 25th of July 2010 I presented ‘Speakeasy’  at London’s Arcola theatre, an evening of performance – stories from the queer/trans community.

‘When I was growing up I used to look around and think ‘there must be more than this’. But I couldn’t imagine what that ‘something else’ would look like. It was a lonely dream. All around me were stories of who I should be, how I should fit in and all the other things I could never quite manage to do. Those stories, the ones where it seems like you’re the only one who isn’t ‘just like everybody else’ – they’re a lie.

What I’ve found instead is that each of us is made up of a thousand precious details. Caught memories, desires, heartbreaks and hopes – the pieces that make us – our own beautiful intimate stories. There are never enough stories, of how we are different, our commonalities, how we came to be, what we think, feel and experience. And the telling of our stories, the act of making the hidden visible, is a radical act in itself.’


After working for so long in Beograd producing the Border Fuckers cabaret, I wanted to bring to life some of the stories I had around me in London. To foster the development of performers and writing, particularly within the queer and trans communities I am part of.

I wanted to develop an explicitly political theatre in a climate that I saw as slipping further into a badly governed and corrupt capitalist state. We must place our stories in their political content not only to survive, but to gain our own power.

I worked writing scripts collaboratively with performers as well as directing, performing in and producing the event.

Jet Moon writing and performing in collaboration with: Juliet Jaques. Jason Elvis Barker. Greg Renegado. Iris El Abras. Natacha Jessica Kennedy, with special guest Josephine Krieg (Wilson).

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 14.32.54

You can listen to MP3 recordings of the performances HERE!!

(thank you to Charles Celeste Hutchins for working on the recordings)

Back/ The Lovers and Fighters Convention/ Jet and Miss Dotty

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