I’ve been making zines for about 20 years with a very sporadic output. Documenting live performance events, in the case of ’TV Whore’ 2001, ‘Bad Station’ 2002 and ‘Domestic Terror (live performance hell)’ 2004 or with political collectives I’ve been part of. I’ve also produced some limited collections of short stories. Zines are a powerful accessible method of documenting and preserving our work and cultural lives. To quote mischief maker and epic zine producer Chris Lego Kid ‘All you need is a pen and a photocopier!’.
My most recent zine outputs are part of the projects Resilient and Resisting and Playing with Fire – peer to peer survivor writing. 
Free downloads of the Resilient and Resisting zines are available on the project website here: https://resilientandresisting.org/publications/

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