Sick Fucks

‘Sick Fucks’:

A work in development.

A series of texts from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalization: Those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors: people who the system says are ‘sick’, ‘fucked up’, ‘damaged’. Yet many of us are resisting, resilient, much political action (of all kinds) comes from the power of survival.

The project stems from my experience of these brutal years of austerity. I began to think about how to speak about the criminalisation of the poor, how power functions through stigma. To go against the idea I had failed, if I wasn’t able to function well in a system that was actively working against me.
I’m currently making interviews and writing scripts towards a theatre production. Also making contact with potential collaborators in film and sounding out community connections.

Eventually the project will be multi-dimensional,
accessible in a number of different formats and dynamic in terms of how people can interact/contribute at web/text level.

A performance piece, a web-portal, a print run. With short film pieces of individual monologues which appear both within the live performance and on the web portal.


I’ve worked for many years as a researcher and writer, director and producer to develop stories with marginalised groups. I have particular experience in working with non-professional performers, coaching people to perform their own stories. I place special value in creating spaces which can reflect and hold an audience in an intimate way.