Stone Femme Shoes Archive.

A Long time ago I started to keep a semi-private diary on a now defunct site called ‘Transfriendly’ the blog titled in a bitterly ironic way ‘Stone Femme Shoes’ contains a lot of material on my creative work with Queer Beograd, my thoughts on Femme and gender, plus other issues of illness/abuse/relationships/queerness. I stopped keeping the blog in 2015, but  I’m going to start retrospectively publishing some of this material online over on my ‘Blood and Circuses’ Blog spot.

There’s YEARS of material so I’ll try to post something on there regularly and then link to it through other sites and social media so people can find it. If you’re interested in the minutae of Queer Beograd collective, the creative process and what ever I was thinking of at the time, then check it out.

This weeks posts are all set in Belgrade, 2008, hanging out with Queer Beograd Collective, working on the cabaret, crazy collective meetings, closeted Eurovision winners, burned embassies and buying T over the counter. Stone Femme Shoes Archive

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 09.09.39

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